5 Day Slim Down: Day 5, the Last Day!

Yesterday was my last day on the 5 day slim down, wow does it go by fast! It’s also a lot less regimented than the 7 day slim down. In all honesty though, I cannot decide which version I like more! Thank goodness for us Tone It Up gals being able to mix and match the various slim down recipes, right? ;)

Before I go into the details of yesterday let me just say a few things … First and foremost, I dropped 3 pounds! Woohoo for shedding stubborn weight!

I also officially began my journey into Nursing/Nutrition when I registered for my first class at the University of Washington yesterday! It’s going to be a long journey, but well worth it. Go Huskies!

I also skipped my workout(s) yesterday because my boyfriend and I were running around non-stop yesterday. We accomplished so much (more details below), and I was absolutely drained. We’ll just call yesterday an active rest day.

Alright, into the nitty gritty:

I woke up and sadly had no time for my bombshell spell or a Beach Babe edition meal, so I had 1 piece of whole wheat bread with almond butter and 1/2 a banana.

My “tankini” was Guava Goddess Kombucha. I absolutely love it! This is my new favorite flavor hands down.

Afterwards my boyfriend and I grabbed a bite to eat before we began our errands, we went to one of my favorite little cafes in the Tacoma area called Espresso Yourself

I ordered their “Garden Turkey Sandwich” (on whole wheat) which has roasted turkey, pesto mayo, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, tomato, lettuce, sprouts and havarti cheese. I always ask for no cheese and Dijon mustard instead of mayo. I also got a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette. So good, and so filling!

Afterwards my boyfriend and I went to our local World Market, it’s a little like Pier One and a little like TJ Maxx because they carry food products from all over the world.

We purchased an awesome hanging basket to keep all of my fruit organized instead of overflowing the counter in our kitchen, some new gorgeous coasters, and an amazing elaborate coat hanger for when guests visit.

I’m loving everything, but the fruit basket has made our kitchen space so much less cluttered!

Afterwards we headed over the mall where my boyfriend made a pit-stop at Jamba Juice (no thanks, too much sugar for this Diabetic) and then patiently waited for me while I purchased some new shorts and a top from American Eagle Outfitters.

The purple shorts are a size 6! I thought they were a size 8 until I checked the label. Surprise to me ;) Also the new top is a medium, usually I have to purchase a large to fit around my chest/back, but this fit very comfortably in both areas.

We finally made our way towards home, I ate my post-lunch snack of an apple as we stopped off at Home Depot to purchase some new potted plants. We got a lot of great stuff, but the coolest plant we purchased was lavender! How lovely!

And finally once we got home, I purged my closet of old clothing and filled an entire “trash” bag with donate-able clothing. It felt so good to get rid of old items that didn’t fit due to weight loss, or were too old.

It was an absolutely busy day! Other meals I had were:

Grapes and carob chips due to low blood sugar

Kale salad with nutritional yeast, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon and red wine vinegar, a homemade turkey burger with mustard and strawberries.

And I also moved my Omnipod to my arm again … Was  a little concerned about highs, went to bed high due to possibly not bolusing enough. Then woke up around 4am high, and dosed a correction. We’ll see how the new location of the pod goes, I’m worried about the absorbancy not being good enough on my arm, but I really want to give my midsection a break. Especially since the last pod I just took off left a little scabby red pump after removal (what’s that all about?)

I hope everyone is having a great Tone It Up Tuesday!

– Emily


Hello and Welcome!

Some of you may know me as @emilygetsfit on Twitter – for those of you that don’t, I’m Emily and I’m an active Type 1 Diabetic who eats healthy (lean, clean, and green) and is a member of the Tone It Up community.

I wanted to start a casual blog about my current on-going journey with the Omnipod insulin pump, as well as living a healthy life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Posts you can expect to find would be things like what food I’m eating, workouts I’m doing, how my pump journey is going, and whatever else I think is suitable :)

For those of you that don’t know me, here are some quick facts about me:

  • I live in Washington state with my boyfriend of 5 years, but am originally from New York City
  • I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 18 months old (I was born 1989)

  • I started using the Omnipod insulin pump July 3rd, 2012 (there’s me on the first day I
    got to wear it!)

  • I have been a member of the Tone It Up community since February of 2012. When I began I originally weighed 150, now I am 138 and counting!

  • I love trying out different foods and different workouts; I also take a lot of pictures of my food to help me remember what I ate for possible recreation down the road
  • Carob chips are my enemy, in a good way ;)

  • I love finding motivation through visual references or music

  • I love photography, but am pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, followed by a Masters in Nutrition so I can become a Diabetes Educator

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I hope you enjoy reading about my journey! Don’t forget to find me on Twitter @emilygetsfit!