Snack Attack Idea

Hello all! I just wanted to share a quick tip I found useful last night.

If you find yourself about to watch a movie, you often find you really want popcorn. It’s almost like we’re programmed to watch movies/television with popcorn ;)

The only problem with popcorn, is not so much the popcorn itself, but rather the toppings. You all know what I’m referring to – the butter! The salt! It’s a nightmare for anyone who is trying to watch what they eat. Let alone if you’re a vegan!

To avoid having your popcorn as they do at the movie theaters (and to avoid this dilemma), try this instead:

– Make your popcorn (preferably air popped)
– Grab some nutritional yeast (can be purchased from a health food store, larger retailers are carrying this too depending where you go – it has a cheese-y taste to it)

– Olive oil in a spray can or a “Misto”

Gently spray olive oil on to your serving, then proceed to sprinkle nutritional yeast on. I also like adding a little bit of hot sauce – if you like spicy. If not, try adding cinnamon and stevia for a kettle corn effect.

Enjoy your popcorn guilt-free!

– Emily

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