5 Day Slim Down: Day 3 Quick Recap

Hello again! AsImage promised, I’m reporting day 3 of my 5 Day Slim Down experience. It’s been very difficult to do the slim down fully due to my hectic work schedule, but it will be nice to have tomorrow and Monday to myself (woohoo for days off!)

I’m going to go straight into the break down of today and keep it short and sweet ;)

– Woke up, had my bombshell spell (of course)

– Did HIIT the Beach with Karena and Katrina ;)

– Meal 1 was “Sweet and Cool” from the Bikini Edition of the TIU plan – I thought that the combination of Greek yogurt, pineapple and mint was weird, but then I tried it and was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and clean it tasted! I also added ground flaxseed into the mix too.

– One-piece was 1 cup grapes

– Tankini was Hibiscus Kombucha (only 1/2 bottle)

– Dinner was the “Spicy Mustard Wrap” with Gardein’s Crispy Tenders, plus 1 cup cherries and some more Kombucha (I ate a lot more due to low glucose)

– After work, my blood sugar was low (again!) so I had to be resourceful and eat my Lemon Zest Lunabar and some cantaloupe I packed. As if you haven’t noticed, sometimes my glucose levels complicate meals, but I try to keep it as clean as possible, even if I have to eat a little more than I’d like to ;)

I’m about to have a small bite to eat with my boyfriend and watch a movie, so I will see you all tomorrow! In the meanwhile, I am drafting a post for my fellow TIU sisters regarding the eating habit changes I have made since I joined the community, but also the changes my boyfriend has made to support me. I hope that by mentioning the changes my boyfriend has been willing to make, that it’ll make it easier for other couples to transition to healthier eating!

– Emily

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