5 Day Slim Down: Day 2 and the Bottle of Kombucha Incident

Image Happy Saturday ladies!

I was extremely busy yesterday evening, so I decided to recap my day 2 of the 5DSD today (which is day 3).

I also wanted to express how amazed I am at the 5DSD – I’ve already dropped at least 2 pounds. Call me crazy, but I seriously already lost that much :O

What’s even more awesome about it is that these are my “plateau pounds,” which means they’ve been really tough to lose through regular maintenance on the Tone It Up plan.

Here is yesterday’s breakdown with detail:

– Woke up and had the bombshell spell (best part of the morning)

– Tried a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day; see image below) via The Blonde Ponytail for my booty call work out (thank you Laura Sacco for posting this on Twitter! <3)

– Had my meal 1 of the “Banana Split” only this time I did 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries and 1 teaspoon carob chips – I wanted a little more food/energy post-workout because I was wiped!

Image– I was supposed to have my “tankini” after breakfast of Kombucha, but instead I swapped it out for a “one piece” of 1 cup green grapes due to low blood sugar

– Around 2:40pm I was prepping to have the remainder of my Trilogy Kombucha for my “tankini.” As I was walking into work my lunch bag fell out of my hands, causing my Kombucha bottle to break ;( I was definitely looking forward to my Kombucha, and I specifically planned to have some before work so my stomach would be nice and full. Good thing I had a Kashi granola bar on hand :)

– My “bikini wrap” was a hodge-podge kale salad I threw together of onion, tomato, 1/2 avocado, red wine vinegar, chives, chicken, and peppers. I also had green tea with strawberries with the “bikini wrap” meal.

– Once work ended I finished the day off with an apple for my evening “one piece”

See you gals later tonight with a recap of today (day 3)!

– Emily

1 thought on “5 Day Slim Down: Day 2 and the Bottle of Kombucha Incident

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